John D. MacDonald - Author
Wrote Travis McGee Series
I particularly like the books of John D. MacDonald. I have been collecting his books off and on for 15 years. I think he's a great air travel read. I have what I think is a complete list of his books. It has 83 titles (one is from only one questionable citation not found elsewhere).   I have checked the list against the collection he left to the University of Florida at Gainesville. He was entertaining, prolific, and commercial.

I am partial to paperbacks (always cheaper) although I would surely add hardbacks as well. I'm not worried about first editions, just the stories. If you come across any sources, I'd appreciate hearing from you. If any of your extras hit the list, let me know and we can probably work something out.

Thanks for your interest!

Note:  I received an e-mail today calling my attention to an error on the listing page and was reminded that these John D. MacDonald pages had not been updated since 9/29/98.  It's a long time between drinks!  Except for the noted anthology, my collection is, I believe complete.  Unfortunately, I cannot locate a couple of the books - misplaced in the detritus of a 21st century collector's house!  The stories are still enjoyable and all are recommended reads.  Enjoy!

Updated 9/3/2003