Roy Romer to head the DNC
Gov. Romer will be an Outstanding Choice

Roy Romer is a particularly good choice to head the Democratic National Committee at this time. I have watched him for years and am thoroughly impressed. He will serve with distinction. I expect him to be a great success.

Governor Romer is committed to fiscal responsibility and social responsibility. He will bring keen insight, common sense, unquestioned integrity, and commitment to the organization - just as he has done for Colorado.

My wife and I were long time Coloradoans until our retirement and relocation to the sunbelt. We were supportive of (and sometimes active in) the Denver County Democrats. We always thought Colorado was blessed to have an excellent governor like Roy Romer. They have been particularly lucky over the years with governors - at least better than the average state.

I would particularly like to share with you a story I have often used to illustrate my respect for his leadership. I was an executive with a large aerospace firm near Denver for many years.

One of my fond memories was the day Governor Romer addressed the “Large Staff”. I was well aware of the basic conservatism of that group. The staff was dominated by self-confident engineers (you know the type). For years, I had stood out as being the only admitted Democrat in the bunch. I was well aware of how conservative nearly everyone was. Governor Romer addressed what was basically a hostile audience and won their support and respect.

Romer was articulate, comprehensive in his understanding of the issues facing government and business, and convincing in his compassion for the disadvantaged. He was supportive of education. To my mind this was a political tour de force from a man who was superb at the craft. He knew what he was talking about and he spoke with conviction.

I think the most interesting thing to me was that this staff of rather unreconstructed hard-nosed Republicans gave him a genuinely warm standing ovation at the conclusion. I thought this was the ultimate compliment to a skilled politician and a good man.

I have used this story many times since to persuade people that there are many really fine Democrats out there.

Our daughter, who is a councilperson in a small Colorado town, has often commented on her appreciation of Governor Romer's support for the Colorado Municipal League and the things which are important to her community.

Roy Romer will be a respected Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Count on it!

January 30, 1997

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